Nescafe gold

Položka bola pridaná do . NESCAFÉ Gold , the perfect cup for when taste matters. High quality coffee beans are carefully selecte roasted and ground to create a premium instant coffee, . Featuring a new modern jar and carefully selected coffee beans. Release the great taste of this delicious blend with just hot water, and savour the rich, smooth coffee notes.

Nestlé gives no breakdown, but soluble is its largest coffee category. Nescafe Gold Blend Instant Coffee 200G. This blend contains highland Arabica beans ground times finer to unlock their hidden taste and aroma. Savour the richness from the soul of the bean. Rozpustná sušená káva s jemně mletou praženou kávou.

NESCAFE Gold BlendHe is a member of the winning team Coffee. As part of this team is going to the osem highest standards.

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